MindPort - The VR Builder Company

Our Motivation

We believe that the power of immersion has a positive impact on humanity and the environment. But lifting this great potential is reserved for only a few. MindPort GmbH was founded in 2021 with the mission to democratize immersive experiences and to make immersion accessible for everybody. Discover how we democratize immersion.

Meet the Team


David is responsible for product design, project management, and investor relations at MindPort. He likes exploring new management techniques and experiments with them. David lives with his wife and their two cats Gizmo and Charlie in Siegen.


Marcello is an experienced VR Unity developer and the main force behind developing VR Builder. An espresso after lunch is a must for him. Marcello likes playing games and travelling to his home country Italy.


Niklas lets the world know about us, our mission and VR Builder. He is the first responder in our community and helps our users on the spot. Besides work, Niklas enjoys cooking and taking long walks with his dog Hanna.

Our Values

We strive to make the world a fairer place. That is why we made fairness our guiding principle for everything we do. It is our north star for how we treat others and how we want to be treated by others. As a foundation, we promise to ourselves and everyone we work with to be honest and transparent and we expect the same from them. Fairness implies an equality of opportunities, so we invite everyone to join our cause and contribute in any way they want and can.

How We Make the Immersive Revolution Happen

We chose to make our software VR Builder free and open source to deliver on this promise and design our products to be usable for anyone, regardless of their current skill set. VR Builder is already used and appreciated by many VR experts around the world. Its core is free and open source. Due to its low-code functionality and the ability to fully customize it, VR Builder is valued by technical developers, creative designers, and business professionals alike. We welcome anyone who wants to join our growing community or collaborate with us to bring more value to our shared users! Check out our partner network for more information!

Our international team is working fully remote and is distributed across Germany. This gives us the unique opportunity to recruit beyond our borders from the global talent pool and expand quickly into new geographies.

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