Let's Democratize the Power of Immersion

Why to Invest in MindPort?

We believe that the power of immersion will lead us to a better future. Today, however, this potential cannot be realized because creating such immersive experiences is too complicated and therefore only accessible to a few. That's why we have made it our mission to democratize the creation of immersive experiences. The first step towards this is VR Builder, a software that enables developers and non-developers to create better VR content faster.

INVEST - Zuschuss für Wagniskapital privater Investoren, die junge innovative Unternehmen in Deutschland unterstützen möchten.

How You Can Invest

The Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control from Germany considers MindPort as innovative and therefore provides attractive subsidies for private investors and business angels who are investing in our company. This means that private investors and business angels

  • are reimbursed 20 percent of the sum they invest in us
  • receive an additional benefit for a successful exit

For more information about INVEST - Grant for Venture Capital please click here.

We are part of the Startup Incubator
Startpunkt57 - Die Initiative für Gründer e. V. ist ein Zusammenschluss zahlreicher Unternehmen und Institutionen aus der Region Siegen-Wittgenstein.

This is Important to Us

For MindPort, personal relationships matter. That's why we are straightforward, open and transparent in how we communicate. Fairness is the guiding principle for everything we do, how we engage with others and how we want to be treated by them.

Let's Work Together

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