Interhaptics integration

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May 31, 2022

Note: This tutorial includes visuals of the old UI. Updates follows soon.

In this VR Builder tutorial, you will learn how to set up VR Builder with Interhaptics VR Interaction Essentials. After following this tutorial, you will have the demo project loaded so that you can explore the capabilities of the integrated products VR Builder and VR Interaction Essentials.

In the next chapters, we will cover:

  1. Prerequisites: Installing Unity and creating a Unity project
  2. Adding VR Interaction Essentials to your project
  3. Adding VR Builder to your project
  4. Opening the Demo Scene
  5. Next steps

Prerequisites: Installing Unity and creating a Unity project

For this VR Builder tutorial we assume you have already installed Unity and created a new, empty project. VR Builder works on Unity 2019.4 and superior. VR Interaction Essentials works out of the box with Unity up to 2020.2.7. To use a later version, you will need to copy the System.Numerics.dll file from DISK:\ProgramFiles\Unity\Hub\Editor\UNITYVERSION\Editor\Data\MonoBleedingEdge\lib\mono\unityaot\System.Numerics into a Plugins folder of your project folder.

Required versions

  • VR Interaction Essentials v4.0.1 or later
  • VR Builder v1.2.0 or later

Adding VR Interaction Essentials to your project

Note: It is also possible to first add VR Builder and then VR Interaction Essentials. If you do, make sure not to add the XR interaction component when the wizard prompts to do so. A different interaction component is included in VR Interaction Essentials, so you should skip installation of the default one. Note that VR Builder will not work as intended until VR Interaction Essentials is imported as well.

Purchase from the Unity Asset Store

Please note that VR Interaction Essentials is a paid offering by our partner Interhaptics and has to be purchased separately from the Unity Asset Store. You can support the development of our free and open source product by purchasing this asset via this affiliate link.

Please purchase VR Interaction Essentials before proceeding with this tutorial.

Compatibility Settings

VR Interaction Essentials requires .NET 4.x. Open the Player settings in Edit > Project Settings. In area Other Settings, section Configuration, you can find API Compatibility Level. Set it to .NET 4.x.

Downloading and importing VR Interaction Essentials

Open the Package Manager and select Packages: My Assets.

Then, select VR Interactions Essentials: By Interhaptics and press Download.

After the download is complete, press Import.

Confirm to install/upgrade the dependencies.

Import all when the Import Unity Package pop-up appears.

Close the Interhaptics SDK warning. If you want, you can check Do not show again. Make sure to always make a backup. Your project should compile at this point, and you should be able to use the Interhaptics Interaction Essentials package

Adding VR Builder to your Unity project

Similarly, also add VR Builder to the project. For additional help, you can follow steps 1 to 3 of the tutorial How to add VR Builder to your Unity project. Once the Setup Wizard appears, close it again. It won’t ask us to install an interaction component as VR Interaction Essentials already provides one. We also don't need to set up a scene, since we will be using the demo scene, which already has been set up. Therefore, the Setup Wizard is not needed.

Opening the Unity demo project

Open the demo project via the menu bar. Select Tools > VR Builder > Demo Scenes > Interhaptics - Plane Cockpit.

This will automatically copy the required streaming assets to your project, after you confirm this pop-up.

Importing TextMesh Pro

Since this demo project uses TextMesh Pro, also import the TMP Essentials

Afterwards, you can close this window.

Next Steps

Congratulations! You can now compile and run the app. To learn more about how this app works, check out the process in VR Builder's Workflow Editor. Select [PROCESS_CONFIGURATION] in the scene and press Open Process in Workflow window to display it.

To add hand tracking and haptic interactions in your own project, use the available Interhaptics conditions.

You can learn more about how to use the available Interhaptics conditions by checking out the Interhaptics for VR Builder Manual located in Assets/Interhaptics/Modules/VRBuilder/Documentation/.

Helpful links

Download Vr Builder