Create Better VR Content Faster

with VR Builder, the free and open source VR Unity plug-in.

Supercharge your VR App Development in Unity

With VR Builder, VR content creators can take their VR app development skills to the next level. Discover how VR Builder can help you create better VR content faster.

We believe that the power of immersion has a positive impact on humanity and the environment. But lifting this great potential is reserved for only a few. MindPort GmbH was founded in 2021 with the mission to democratize immersive experiences and to make immersion accessible for everybody. Learn more about MindPort.

Save Enormous Amount of Development Time

The Setup Wizard of the VR Builder helps you set up your VR application in Unity and configures the hardware in seconds.

Get everything set up and ready for VR within minutes with the setup wizard.

With the GUI of the VR Builder, you can easily design and manage complex processes of your VR projects inside Unity.

Easily design and manage complex processes in a visual editor!

Improve the Resulting VR User Experience

Easily create feedback and feedforward for positioning objects in VR using the Snap Zone Generator of the VR Builder.

Create consistent user feedback in VR, with adherence to best practices.

Provide intuitive guidance for VR users with prebuilt text-to-speech engines (TTS) for Unity or connect your own TTS provider.

Guide VR users intuitively with already preconfigured text-to-speech engines.

Professional VR interactions such as Snap Zones or teleportation anchors can be easily created in Unity with VR Builder.

Create professional VR interactions in seconds. No coding experience required!

Customize Your VR Development Experience

The VR Builder is a free and open source VR Unity plugin that can be fully customized by extending the code.

Customize our open source software to your needs by extending the code.

Monitor screen displaying VR Builder, the free and open source Unity Plugin for VR content creation.

Access comprehensive documentation of our open APIs.

Really simple to use
I like the asset very much. It is easy to use even for newbies in VR development. Besides, it is free of charge! I can recommend it to every VR developer.
Great job!
Really nice asset! That's all I needed to start my VR journey.
Great Asset
Great asset to help you get started. Can't wait to make use of all the features.
Very nice!
Setting up worked very good. The Installation Wizard helps a lot and looks amazing! <3 Looking forward to working more with it.
Nice asset, it has a lot of potential
So far it is perfect for what i needed :) im looking forward for future improvements!
Straightforward and extensible.
Past the initial setup is fairly easy to use. You build the app step by step, each step executes behaviors and defines conditions to go to next step. Scene objects need additional components to interact with the course, but there is an option to add them automatically.

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