Use Cases

Explore the practical applications of VR Builder in business and
enterprise settings

Rapid Prototyping

“Get your first VR app running within minutes!”

Bring your 3D assets to life in VR by making them interactive. With VR Builder, you can easily sketch your application logic and define user interactions. All without writing a single line of code.

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Unity developer coding VR project.
A logistics worker is placing a box on a conveyor belt in a simulated environment using VR technology.

VR Training

"Safe Learning, Real Results"

Create immersive, interactive, and guided applications that will get your employees ready for the job. VR training is the best option when real world training would be dangerous, expensive, or simply impossible.

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Virtual Product Demos

"Spark engagement and make a lasting impression"

Deliver immersive and interactive virtual product experiences to your client. Empower your sales team to present your offering in a clear and engaging way, regardless of its size and complexity.

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VR showcase at trade fair

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