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With VR Builder you can create better immersive VR experiences faster in Unity.
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Product features

VR Builder supports all major headsets like Oculus Quest 2, HTC Vive Pro 2, HP Reverb G2, Valve Index, Pico Neo 3 Pro and many more.
VR Builder workflow editor in Unity.

Easily define your VR workflow in our graphical user interface.

Text-to-speech engine in VR saying: Now grab the box with the blue belt.

Provide clear instructions to the user in VR with synthesized text.

Touching red button in VR.

Simply select an interaction from our library, like ‘Move object’, ‘Grab object’, ‘Touch object’ and many more, to make any object interactable in VR.

Green highlighting of snap zone when placing box in VR.

Guide users with visual highlights and let them place objects in precise positions - with just one click.

Teleporting in VR.

Visually guide users where to teleport with easy to create teleportation anchors.

Writing custom code.

Make your custom interactions accessible in VR Builder's GUI.

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