VR Builder Roadmap

We have big plans and exciting new features in the pipeline! Take a look behind the scenes and find out what's in store.



Using randomization in the process significantly increases the reusability of your VR apps. In training scenarios, for example, this add-on additionally increases the training effect, as learners have to react to the given situation, which promotes deeper understanding rather than memorization of a single process.


Advanced Highlighting

Highlighting objects is a good and proven solution to guide users in VR and draw their attention to objects of interest. Even though VR Builder already provides a basic solution for this, more advanced highlighting is needed to serve special cases, for example, when the object is very small, hidden or out of sight. We would like to offer you an easy-to-use solution that meets these requirements.


Localization / Multi-language support

Our localization extension allows you to offer your VR app in different languages and other localizable elements.

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