VR Builder Roadmap

We have big plans and exciting new features in the pipeline! Take a look behind the scenes and find out what's in store.


Improving Demo Scene

Our aim is to better convey VR Builder features and capabilities in our demo scene.

Easier Setup

We are simplifying the hardware setup for more device types in the setup wizard.


More Animations

We are extending our Animations add-on to support Unity Animator animations as well as rotating an object around a provided axis.

Call Unity Event Behavior

With this simple yet powerful behavior, it's an ease to trigger side effects and create a seamless flow with custom scripts.


Non-linear Chapters

In our current implementation, chapters are played consecutively.
We want to provide a more flexible structure which allows you to select the next chapter when exiting the current chapter within the process.

Grouping of Steps

Processes can be complex and as a result, unclear to the users. We are going to provide a way to group steps which allows for a more abstract and therefore more understandable process.

Do you have feature ideas?

We strive to create the best product for our users and rely on constant feedback to do so. Please share your ideas and suggestions with us in the VR Builder Community on Discord!

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