VR Builder Roadmap

We have big plans and exciting new features in the pipeline!


More Multi-User Capabilities

We are further improving the capabilities and user friedlyness of our multi-user solution. For this, we incorporate the feedback of our Professional clients.


Improved Object Referencing

Our current technical solution of how objects are referenced in the process has some limitations. For instance, it makes it hard to work with prefabs. We are changing how VR Builder references objects on a technical level to better fulfill our users' requirements.


VR Ready UI System

It is common practice to present users in VR with a 2D overlay, for instance for menus, questionnaires, or to show 2D objects such as documents or regular videos.

Do you have feature ideas?

We strive to create the best product for our users and rely on constant feedback to do so. Please share your ideas and suggestions with us in the VR Builder Community on Discord!

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