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Our Content Partners are specialists in creating custom specific XR applications for enterprise clients across a huge variety of industries, such as automotive, logistics, aviation, manufacturing, mining, and many more.
When working with them, due to their expertise in adopting MindPort's technology, you will benefit from:
  • Higher quality
  • Higher quality
  • Lower costs
  • Improved maintainability
  • Better scalability
  • Future readiness
Example of a VR training for a packaging process. You can see a tape roller and a highlight of what to tape.


(Leipzig, Germany)

The LEFX development team realizes user-friendly 3D solutions for individual projects and special requirements. With a high degree of creativity and technological know-how, they are your reliable partner with their finger on the pulse of the market and technology.

  • Automotive
  • Logistics
  • Pharmaceutical


(Munich, Germany)

USANEERS has more than 20 years of experience and specializes in concept, design, programming and engineering. Their focus on creating innovative user experiences in vehicles has led them to develop innovative XR training courses using their application development and technology expertise.

  • Construction Machinery
  • MedTech
  • Public Sector
Example project Quest for Immortality by Usaneers
Collage of 4 example projects of XR intelligence

XR intelligence

(Brussels, Belgium)

XRintelligence, a leading European developer and integrator of immersive content since 2006, specializes in providing end-to-end turnkey solutions. Their focus on Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) and Industry 4.0 principles drives innovation and transformation.

  • Industrial
  • Logistics
  • Pharmaceutical

VR Bits

(Leipzig, Germany)

The development studio uses technologies and approaches from the gaming sector as a starting point for the development of tailor-made VR and AR applications. This results in creative projects primarily in the areas of digitalization, communication and visualization.

  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
Example project of VR Bits showcasing a VR training application for working with cables and pliers.
SAP Logistics VR Training made by Deloitte


(Düsseldorf, Germany)

Deloitte has deep expertise in warehouse management advisory, process optimizations and design, delivering automation business cases and WMS package selection services.

  • Logistics
  • Warehousing

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As a Content Partner, you will benefit from several perks and benefits, such as discounts on our software licensen, partner sales and co-marketing activities.
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