We Are MindPort

On the mission to democratize immersive experiences.

Our Purpose

We believe in the positive effects of immersion and that it will lead us to a better future. Virtual reality is the key technology that leads us to this future.

However, creating VR content is still complicated and requires extensive development skills. We are convinced that there is a better way - one that empowers every creative mind to create limitless, virtual worlds. That's why we offer a VR content creation solution that is open, addresses the needs of developers and non-developers alike, and fosters collaboration between all VR content creators.

MindPort Team

David Lähner - Founder and CEO

David Lähner

Founder & CEO

Thomas Böhme - Key Accuont Manager (external)

Thomas Böhme

Key Account Manager

Marcello Tridenti - Lead Developer

Marcello Tridenti

Lead Developer

Markus Wellmann - Senior Developer

Markus Wellmann

Senior Developer

Committed to a value-driven mindset

We strive to make the world a fairer place. This also means equal opportunities. Therefore, we want to be open and inclusive in everything we do. Based on this belief, we decided to make VR Builder open source so that everyone has the opportunity to contribute and to ensure full transparency. If we work together, you can expect full transparency and honesty from us - and we expect the same from you.

Team at Christmas Market 2023

Achievements and Recognitions

We are making good progress in pursuing our mission and we are recognized internationally for this.
Check out our Achievements and Recognitions section to learn more!