VR Builder Manual

Updated on 11.03.2024

Online documentation

We offer a constantly expanding list of guides and tutorials on our website. We encourage you to check them out to improve your VR Builder skills.

If this is your first time with VR Builder, you should start from the Workflow Editor and Step Inspector tutorials, which explain the basics of working with VR Builder.

In addition,you might also want to check out the guides on how to build standalone VR Builder apps on the Oculus Quest or Pico Neo 3.

You can also check out some guides on the more advanced interactions, like the series on snap zones.

Lastly, there are some step-by-step tutorials explaining how to work with our latest paid add-ons. Even if you don't intend to buy the relevant content, they can provide a good overview on how to build a functional process with VR Builder from scratch.

Do you have feedback?

We strive to create the best product for our users and rely on constant feedback to do so. Please share your ideas and suggestions with us in the VR Builder Community on Discord!

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