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As a digital agency specializing in 3D simulations, you are constantly approached by clients who want to develop a VR application. Sure, you are up for the challenge! And even though you are doing a great job, you notice that many components you are creating could be improved and made more reusable for future use. But you neither have time nor a budget for that.

Over time, you reuse parts of your first VR project for the second one, and as a result, you start building your own libraries and small SDKs on the fly for internal usage. As your projects grow, so does your SDK, but with limited time and resources, maintaining it becomes increasingly difficult. You've been there, just like many other agencies, feeling the pain with every project.

You can break the cycle. Our team at MindPort has been through the same journey, and we now specialize in building and maintaining a single, robust SDK for VR developers, making it available for free and as open source. We keep it modular and flexible so that you can now benefit from one of the most extensible VR solutions for Unity out there.

Check out our client success story with LEFX and how they used VR Builder to create a full immersive virtual reality training platform for the logistics enterprise DB Schenker.

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What does VR Builder offer you?

  • Cost-effective solution: Our VR development solution is designed to save you time and money by streamlining your development process.
  • Either programmer or designer, our plugin is intuitive for anyone to start building projects as fast as possible.
  • Faster development times: With our VR development solution, you can speed up your development times, freeing up time for other important tasks.
  • Explore free of charge, no strings attached! Our community license is available for free and provides you with access to the basic features and functionalities of our VR development solution. 
  • Best of all, it's open source!
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Do you need more?

From our Content Partners we learned that a great software product alone is not enough. So we partner with 3D agencies to support them in delivering the best VR applications to their clients. They benefit from a special discounted service package, which includes:

  • Unlimited VR users
    Your VR applications will not have a limit on the amount of users that can use it.
  • Creator seats
    Every Pro license comes with 10 additional creator seats, providing access to all add-ons to your whole team!
    Of course, more seats can be acquired as needed.
  • Priority bug fixes
    Bugs happen and they can be annoying, you will have access to a dedicated desk to report your bugs so we can solve them as fast as we can.
  • Multi-user support
    Our multi-user template enables you to effortlessly set up engaging multi-user projects with just a few clicks.
  • Premium support
    We are proud of the support we provide, you will be able to access a dedicated desk for prioritized support so you can have success in your project.
  • Multi-entity license
    Clients sometimes need some independence, this license allows you to share your project files with your clients without worry.
  • Priority feature requests
    Do you need something special that is not in the core product? We want to hear about it, we will prioritize these requests for future updates.
  • Live instructor led training
    We hold customized sessions for coders and non-coders to meet your organization's needs.
  • Product customization
    Maybe you want the wizard to display the logo of your organization, we can make it happen. Contact us for pricing and customization options.
‍Tom Micklich, Managing Director at LeFx

"Having direct contact with MindPort's development team has provided high value to us, our projects and our clients."

Tom Micklich, Managing Director at LEFX

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