Founding the Open Metaverse Alliance

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June 1, 2022

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Founding the Open Metaverse Alliance

Open Metaverse Alliance formed to deliver interoperable XR solutions to enterprises

The Open Metaverse Alliance has been established to deliver interoperable XR solutions to enterprises and improve the adoption of metaverse technologies. Enterprises are demanding integrated solutions and the current XR vendor landscape is fragmented. The two options for XR solutions are a single sourced vendor or buying from multiple vendors. Both options have their limitations. A single sourced vendor requires locking into one ecosystem and limited flexibility, while multiple vendors are missing interoperability. The Open Metaverse Alliance addresses these gaps by coordinating with a network of partners that can provide comprehensive XR solutions that are interoperable. Members of the Open Metaverse Alliance will receive support from partners with referrals, international brand exposure, new enterprise relationships and product integrations. 

‘Our customers want the flexibility to choose the solutions they work with but are sometimes concerned that these solutions are interoperable. Our goal with the Open Metaverse Alliance is the commitment that they work together’, said Daniel Seidl, CEO and Founder of Innoactive.

The current members include: 

  • Innoactive: Enterprise XR CMS for training and beyond
  • Hololight: The most powerful immersive streaming platform.
  • Cognitive3D: Spatial analytics platform from VR/AR/3D
  • VRdirect: Create and publish VR projects for every use-case and every device
  • MindPort: Unity-based low code authoring toolkit for scalable VR content creation

'The Open Metaverse Alliance plays a significant role in helping us win opportunities with enterprises through an assured partner network of integrations with best in category suppliers, and reference architectures that enterprises can use to scale adoption with confidence in a multi-vendor strategy', said Tony Bevilacqua, CEO & Founder of Cognitive3D.

Interested in joining the Open Metaverse Alliance? We are accepting new members that meet the requirements. 

Who can apply?

  • Companies that offer XR software for enterprises.

What are the entry criteria?

  • The Open Metaverse Alliance welcomes new applications! Our mission is to improve the adoption and implementation of Metaverse technologies for enterprises.

We are looking for partners who have a proven record of delivering to enterprise clients and are committed to strengthening the ecosystem by developing interoperable solutions together with other members.

About the Open Metaverse Alliance

The Open Metaverse Alliance is a non-profit organization with the mission to improve adoption, interoperability and implementation of Metaverse technologies for enterprises.