Partnership with Cognitive3D

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November 22, 2023

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Partnership with Cognitive3D

Elevate Your VR Training with Cognitive3D Analytics and MindPort’s VR Builder

It is with great excitement that MindPort and Cognitive3D are announcing a partnership to empower VR developers with the tools they need to succeed.

Their goal is to make it easy for developers to build better VR training simulations and get the actionable insights they need. Together, the use of VR Builder and 3D analytics are a game-changer for VR developers everywhere.

VR training has been proven to be much more effective at delivering knowledge than traditional learning methods. Resulting in significantly higher proficiency in task completion, situational awareness and compliance.

Learning by doing isn't a new concept, but VR is making it more accessible. It places individuals in the very environment they need to understand, pushing the boundaries of their retention and practical skill.

MindPort wants to make the best possible VR authoring tool for their customers. They believe in the advantages of solutions that focus on one problem, do it really well and give customers more flexibility to tailor it to their needs.

In that spirit, MindPort created VR Builder to help companies lower the cost of creating training content. VR Builder is a Unity-based production ready authoring tool to scale the creation of process-based VR training apps. Define your VR workflow in our graphical user interface to implement interactions in a few clicks and use the integrated text-to-speech audio to get a working prototype ready within minutes!

Simply add tracking events with VR Builder to be sent to the Cognitive3D Analytics platform

Once you build your VR training app with VR Builder, it is necessary to collect and measure spatial data from your simulation to get actionable insights.

Cognitive3D is the best in class analytics platform for VR/AR simulations that measures human behavior in VR/AR simulations. They provide you with clear metrics beyond simply pass or fail so you can better understand your learner’s journey. For example, SceneExplorer provides a one-to-one 3D replay of exactly what the learner did during the session. Their platform helps you to understand exact sequences followed by users, pinpoint where users paused, got stuck, or faced performance issues and track user progress over multiple sessions. Are they improving with every run?

Analyze your application and your users' performance on the Cognitive3D Analytics platform

Transform Your VR Training with Cognitive3D and MindPort

Elevate your VR training experience with precision and analytical depth. 

Contact us today to discover how you can use the Cognitive3D integration for VR Builder, to tap into this synergy to track, analyze, and enhance your training progress with data-driven accuracy.