Increasing Engagement in Virtual Reality Creation

Published on

March 13, 2023

Case Studies


Increasing Engagement in Virtual Reality Creation

As virtual reality technology advances, more educators are integrating it into their curriculum. However, creating a VR experience can be daunting for students, who may lack the hardware and programming knowledge needed to do so. This case study highlights the successful implementation of a workshop aimed at increasing engagement in virtual reality creation using VR Builder.

Students are often disengaged with VR due to the perceived complexity of the technology. Creating a VR experience requires high-end hardware and deep programming knowledge, which can be intimidating and overwhelming for students.

The workshop has been implemented at Campus Fonderie de l'Image to allow students to test VR Builder demo, and then use the toolkit to start working on their own VR experiences. The tool allows for easy and quick creation of VR interactions on Unity without the need for extensive programming knowledge.

The outcome

Students were more engaged in creating VR experiences when using VR Builder compared to traditional methods of coding all interactions themselves. This was reflected in higher class engagement and increased interest in virtual reality. 

What do our users say?

"It is a great tool that allows you to create virtual reality interactions on Unity very easily" 

"Not being an expert in programming, this tool allows me to prototype a VR application very quickly."

VR Builder is a valuable tool for educators looking to increase engagement in virtual reality creation among their students. By allowing students to quickly and easily create VR experiences, the tool offers a low-stakes, hands-on approach to VR that can foster a love of the technology and inspire future creators.

As virtual reality continues to grow in popularity and relevance, educators should consider integrating VR Builder into their curriculum to allow students to get their first experience in virtual reality without the frustration of complex programming.