Streamlining Enterprise VR Training Development

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March 13, 2023

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Streamlining Enterprise VR Training Development

Agencies that build training applications for large companies often face the challenge of creating solutions that are effective and efficient, while also being quick to develop and easy to customize. As large companies often have different training processes and protocols in different locations, it can be difficult to create an application that can be scaled and modified easily. Furthermore, the need for specialized developers and technical instructors can drive up development costs.

Our partner LeFx, recently had the opportunity to collaborate with DB Schenker in such a project, but how did they solve it?

The solution

To address these challenges, LeFx turned to VR Builder, a visual programming solution that allows for easy customization and scalability of VR training applications thanks to its node design. With VR Builder, developers can create custom interactions that can be saved and re-implemented in future projects without the need for compatibility concerns. The intuitive VR Builder GUI allows designers and technical instructors with low to no-Unity experience to easily implement these custom interactions in their projects without developer support.

How did they benefit from it?

The benefits of using VR Builder for training applications are numerous. First, VR Builder significantly reduces development time and costs by providing a library of common interactions that creators can access and implement in a quick and easy manner. As for the opportunity to create and reutilize custom created interactions, this means that less specialized personnel is required to create a high-quality application, lowering costs and improving efficiency.

Some examples of customer-tailored interactions include custom made glove models, an adhesive tape roller, and a barcode scanner.

Additionally, VR Builder's customization options allow for a higher level of client satisfaction. As the client can easily modify and customize the training application in-house if required, due to the intuitive GUI, it provides them with a greater level of control over the final product. All of the above displayed compenents have been implemented in such a way, that they can easily be reused in the VR Builder graphical editor.

Lastly, MindPort provides a great number of resources to help agencies and their clients to get up and running quickly. This includes video and written tutorials, as well as customized workshops for agencies with specific needs.

The outcome

LeFx successfully made use of VR Builder to build a training application for a large client, such as DB Schenker, and was able to create an accurate and efficient training application. The application was able to be scaled to different protocols implemented in various locations, and was built in less time than it would have taken with other solutions or in-house solutions. The modular nature of VR Builder was an important part of the development process, allowing for the scalability of the solution provided by the agency.

What does the agency say?

"You will be surprised by how much time you could save by just implementing [VR Builder] into your workflow." - Tom Micklich, Managing Director at LeFx


Like LeFx, agencies looking to build effective and efficient training applications for large companies can benefit from using VR Builder. With its node based design and intuitive GUI, agencies can create training applications that are scalable, efficient, and easy to modify. By reducing development time and costs, and providing clients with greater control over the final product, VR Builder can help agencies improve client satisfaction and grow their business.

Check out the video of the final results!