Quest for Immortality - The World's First AR Escape Room

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February 14, 2024

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Quest for Immortality - The World's First AR Escape Room

Comic Con, 2023: Hugendubel presents the world's first AR escape room "Quest for Immortality". As a team, players have to solve three puzzles together. The fun spans about 20 minutes and covers 16m².

In the background? Our partner USANEERS, a Munich-based company with over 20 years of experience in creating digital experiences, a focus on XR development, and developer of this AR escape room application.

The team behind the world's first AR escape game: USANEERS at Comic Con, 2023

USANEERS' Perspective And the Challenges During the Projekt

MindPort's VR Builder is a cost-effective solution that provides a wide range of possibilities in the implementation of projects. Thanks to the framework, we were able to expand our escape game into a mixed reality environment by using Meta Quest 3 with Pass Through technology and also incorporate Virtual Reality elements such as Interactive buttons, additional room elements or moving animals to enhance the gaming experience.

Our biggest challenge was implementing the complex interaction within the multiplayer mode. Some of the players see the same elements. As a gamer, however, in some cases they can see elements that the others cannot see! The synchronization of all data plays an important role here, so that the players see and hear the right information at the right time. In the end, we succeeded in harmonizing storytelling and technical implementation - for a seamless gaming experience.

How VR Builder Helped Overcoming Those Challenges

VR Builder is very intuitive, can be learned quickly and offers the option of collaborating with multiple users at the same time. Thanks to the support of various technologies and frameworks established on the market, we were able to develop our game flexibly and according to our ideas.

VR Builders modular architecture allowed us to expand its capabilities from sole VR to augmented reality and creating a mixed reality experience for our visitors.


The result speaks for itself: Presented for the first time at Comic Con 2023, the game delighted many interested visitors and provided a lot of gaming fun as you can see in the impressions in the video below.

We also found the option of easily incorporating custom behaviors into the game to be a special feature. This allowed us to integrate several narrative threads and make the interaction with the environment even more extensive and exciting!

What's Great About This Success Story

At MindPort, we are often blown away by what our users create and accomplish with VR Builder and the world's first AR escape game is no exception! By making use of VR Builder's modular architecture and its flexibility, the incredible team at USANEERS was able to levitate our technology from simple VR interactions towards mixed and augmented reality capabilities. It is also a pleasure to see USANEERS seamlessly adopting one of our newest features with ease: Multi user!

Overall, this project is exemplary of what can be achieved with VR Builder, both out of the box and with custom extensions.