Revolutionizing Technical Training in VR

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May 12, 2023

Case Studies


Revolutionizing Technical Training in VR

When it comes to technical training, the challenge is to provide employees with realistic and engaging experiences that allow them to develop their skills without putting themselves or others at risk. This is where virtual reality (VR) training comes in.

The task

In the case of Nicolas, a VR developer, he was tasked with developing a technical training program for a mining company. The challenge was to create a multi-user engaging experience that could replicate complex procedures in a way that was easy to understand and remember for the trained employees.

Quiz activities and other security procedures are easily implemented too.
(Developed by Minverso)

The solution

To achieve this, Nicolas turned to VR Builder, which allowed him to create a step-by-step process that mirrored the manual provided by the client. The VR Builder's snapzone feature facilitated the creation of interactive experiences, while its modular structure made it easy to customize the training for the client's specific needs.

Security locking procedure using snapzones.
(Developed by Minverso)

However, Nicolas faced some challenges when it came to the implementation of the VR Builder platform. The multiplayer feature was difficult to set up and required some programming skills. Nevertheless, Nicolas was able to overcome this issue with the help of the Pro-Support provided by MindPort’s team.

The outcome

The result was a successful technical training program that replicated the first part of the mining company's procedures. The client was satisfied with the final product, which was designed to improve the skills and performance of its employees.

Nicolas discovered the need for a platform that would bridge the gap between technical experts and programmers, which VR Builder's modular structure and user-friendly interface provided. 

What does our user say?

"VR Builder was instrumental at organizing the interactions of our project in an efficient and intuitive manner. The workflow and interconnected steps provided a clear structure for development, allowing us to create a dynamic experience rather than a series of animations.Its intuitive interface and workflow not only facilitated efficient creation but also enabled us to make revisions and corrections with ease. VR Builder played a crucial role in the success of our project." - Nicolas Cabello, Project Coordinator


The images and videos shown in this article are owned by and taken from projects developed by Minverso, the company that builds the first mining metverse in Latin America with the goal to promote efficiency, productivity, and safety in the mining industry.