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We understand that you don't want to buy a pig in a poke. So how about you try out VR Builder first and evaluate how well it suits your needs? Get in touch with us to start your free trial of the VR Builder Professional Edition.

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Included in the plan

  • Unlimited access to free base product
  • Timely limited use of selected professional features for evaluation-only / non-productive purposes


Your Industrial Metaverse at the next level!

We helped big enterprises go from first prototypes to global rollout and we can do the same for you. On the way, we adjust our services so that you get the perfect support in every phase.

Whether you need a feasible ROI calculation, data security clearances, a simple SLA, or integrations to 3rd party systems - we have done that and are happy to provide our support.

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Included in the plan

Everything from starter, plus:

  • Negotiable number of creator seats
  • Negotiable number of product training sessions
  • Custom SLA
  • (Optional) 3rd party system integrations

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