VR Builder Manual

Updated on 31.05.2022

Demo scene overview

The demo scene showcases how to assemble a process with the building blocks included in VR Builder. More building blocks and features will be made available as separate add-ons.

These building blocks are either conditions or behaviors. Conditions check if the user or the world is in a certain state, and behaviors modify the world state when activated.

The demo scene includes three stations. The user can teleport from the starting point to any station and back, and can interact with the different stations.

Snap station: showcases the grab/release conditions, and the snap condition which can be used in conjunction with snap zones.

Touch station: showcases the touch condition. Touching the button will trigger a simple behavior, confetti raining from the sky.

Tool station: showcases how objects can be made usable. After grabbing the light sword, press the trigger to extend it.

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