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Animations add-on for VR Builder.


Easily create complex animated scenarios in VR. Make an object follow a predefined path or adjust the position, rotation, and scale of an object over time. And much more!

Menus - Control your VR app from outside VR


Let an external supervisor control your VR application to provide guidance to the user. Use the menu to skip to the relevant sections! Two example menus to control VR Builder applications.



Randomization lets you add unpredictability and random scenarios to your VR Builder process. Make your app more varied with random events, so that they can provide a different experience every time!

States and Data add-on for VR Builder.

States & Data

Design your VR application logic with more flexibility: make events dependent on past user behavior; customize your object's behavior with Unity scripts and link them to VR Builder!

Track and Measure add-on for VR Builder.

Track & Measure

Evaluate user performance in VR by measuring effectiveness, quantity and time. Enhance user experience in VR with gamification elements to increase learning and user satisfaction.


Integration with VR Interaction Framework

VR Interaction Framework

The VR Interaction Framework makes it easy to create your own interactive objects and be productive quickly. With v1.82 and above, it comes with a native integration for VR Builder!