VR Builder Manual

Updated on 11.03.2024


VR Builder helps you create interactive VR applications better and faster. By setting up a Unity scene for VR Builder, you will pair it with a VR Builder process. Through the VR Builder process, you can define a sequence of actions the user can take in the scene and the resulting consequences.

You can easily edit a process without coding through VR Builder's Workflow Editor. The Workflow Editor is a node editor where the user can arrange and connect the steps of the process. Each step is a different node and can include any number of behaviors, which make things happen in the scene. Likewise, a step will have at least one transition leading to another step. Every transition can list several conditions which have to be completed for the transition to trigger. For example, step B can be reached only after the user has grabbed the object specified in step A.

Behaviors and conditions are the "building blocks" of VR Builder. Several of them are provided in the free version already. Additional behaviors and conditions are available in our paid add-ons. Since VR Builder is open source, you can always write your own behaviors and conditions as well.

Behaviors and conditions can interact only with process scene objects. These are game objects in the scene which have a Process Scene Object component on them.

The interaction capabilities of a process scene object can be increased by adding scene object properties to it. For example, adding a Grabbable Property component to a game object will let VR Builder know that the object is grabbable, and when it is grabbed.

Normally it is not necessary to add properties manually to an object. When an object is dragged in the inspector of a condition or behavior, the user has the option to automatically configure it with a single click.

Where possible, properties try to add and configure required components by themselves. If you add a Grabbable Property to a game object, this will automatically be made grabbable in VR (it still needs to have a collider and a mesh, of course).

This makes it very easy to start from some generic assets and build a fully interactive scene.

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