Meta Quest device setup

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August 15, 2023

In this VR Builder tutorial, you will learn how to set up VR Builder for running VR applications standalone on Quest devices. To build the VR app in Unity, we will go through the following steps.

  1. Setting up VR Builder for Meta Quest
  2. Setting up Meta Quest standalone
  3. Building the project
  4. Next steps

Setting up VR Builder for Quest

To follow this tutorial, you will need a compatible Unity version with Android support and a Quest device with Developer Mode enabled.

First, we need to set up our VR Builder environment to work with your Quest device. This can be comfortably done through VR Builder's Setup Wizard. Proceed through the wizard until you reach the VR Hardware Setup page, then select all the Quest devices you want to support. This will install the required packages to work with standalone VR.

Additional information on how to set up VR Builder you can find in our setup guide tutorial.

Setting up Quest standalone

For further setup instructions please follow the Quest Configure Unity Setting guide. It will lead you through all important settings.

After you are done, please go to Project Settings > XR Plug-in Management > Project Validation and click Fix All to make sure everything is configured correctly.

Building the project

Now it’s time to build and run the project on the Quest. First, connect your Quest device to the PC with a USB cable. The device must have developer mode enabled. You will be prompted to Allow USB debugging and Allow access to data in the headset, and need to give both permissions.

Then, re-open the File > Build Settings... window and select the connected Quest device as your run device. In this case, it is an Oculus Quest 2.

You should also ensure to add the desired scenes to the list of built scenes at the top of the window. Finally, press Build and Run to run the app on the Quest device. Once the build is complete, it will start automatically once the headset wakes up.

Additional information on build settings and faster build times have a look at the Quest Build and Configuration Overview.

Next steps

In this VR Builder tutorial, you learned how to set up VR Builder for running VR applications standalone on Quest devices. This means that you are now ready to build and run your VR apps in Unity. Kickstart your VR development in Unity with our tutorial on the VR Builder Process Editor.

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