PICO device setup

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October 17, 2023

In this VR Builder tutorial, you will learn how to set up VR Builder for running VR applications standalone on PICO devices. To build the VR app in Unity, we will go through the following steps:

  1. Setting up VR Builder for PICO
  2. Setting up PICO standalone
  3. Building the project
  4. Next steps

Setting up VR Builder for PICO

To follow this tutorial, you will need a compatible Unity version with Android support and a PICO device with USB debugging enabled.

Import VR Builder and proceed with the Setup Wizard. Continue through the wizard until you reach the VR Hardware Setup page, then select PICO and proceed. Additional information on how to set up VR Builder you can find in our setup guide tutorial.

This automated setup will allow you to use your PICO headset tethered using the PICO Link application, to quickly check progress in your application directly in Unity.

In the next section we will configure Unity to build standalone apps for PICO.

Setting up PICO standalone

PICO provides their SDK through a local package downloadable from their website. Follow the instructions at Import the PICO Unity Integration to install it.

For further setup instructions please follow the PICO Complete project settings guide. It will lead you through all important settings.

You can also configure more PICO-specific options in the PICO subsection of the XR Plug-in Management, but the defaults should be fine.

Building the project

Please follow the PICO Build and run the scene guide.

Before your first build please go to Project Settings > XR Plug-in Management > Project Validation and click Fix All to make sure everything is configured correctly.

Also ensure to add the desired scenes to the list of built scenes at the top of the window. Finally, press Build and Run to run the app on the PICO device. Once the build is complete, it will start automatically once the headset wakes up.

Next steps

In this VR Builder tutorial, you learned how to set up VR Builder for running VR applications standalone on PICO devices. This means that you are now ready to build and run your VR apps in Unity. Kickstart your VR development in Unity with our tutorial on the VR Builder Process Editor!

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