VR Builder Manual

Updated on 31.05.2022

Demo scene hierarchy

In the hierarchy there are four game objects in parentheses.

They are automatically added to every VR Builder scene.

  • [PROCESS_CONFIGURATION] allows to select the process for the current scene from a list of processes saved in the project.
  • [INTERACTION_RIG_LOADER] allows to arrange the priority of the available interaction rigs. You shouldn’t need to modify this except when using the simulator and playing the scene without a VR headset, or for using custom rigs.
  • [USER] is a dummy game object that defines the initial position of the VR user in the scene. On play, it will be replaced by the VR rig prefab.
  • [PROCESS_CONTROLLER] defines some parameters for processes in this scene like the spectator input bindings and camera.

By looking at the other objects in the scene, we can see that some have a Process Scene Object component and possibly some "property" component. A Process Scene Object is an object with a unique name that can be accessed by the process. Properties define how the process can interact with the object. For example, a Grabbable Property will let VR Builder recognize if an object is being grabbed. Adding a Grabbable Property to an object will automatically make it a Process Scene Object and add a few components so you can interact with the object in VR.

If these properties are not added manually you will usually be prompted to add them automatically when building the process of your VR application.

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