VR Builder Manual

Updated on 11.03.2024

Guidance/Play audio file


The Play Audio File behavior plays an audio clip loaded from the Resources folder in your project’s asset folder. VR Builder supports all audio file formats supported by Unity, which are:

  • aif
  • wav
  • mp3
  • ogg


Resources path

Insert the relative file path from the Resources folder. Please note that you have to omit the file extension, as shown in the example. You can find more information about this on https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Resources.Load.html.


File to be played: Assets/.../Resources/Sounds/click-sound.ogg  

Default resource path: Sounds/click-sound  

Execution stages

By default, steps execute behaviors in the beginning, in their activation stage. This can be changed with the Execution stages dropdown menu:

  • Before Step Execution: The step invokes the behavior during its activation.
  • After Step Execution: Once a transition to another step has been selected and the current step starts deactivating, the behavior is invoked.
  • Before and After Step Execution: Execution at activation and deactivation of a step.

Wait for completion

By default, the step waits for the audio file to finish. If you want the step to interrupt the audio in case the step is completed, uncheck this option.

Note: this might lead to an audio file not even being started.

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