VR Builder Manual

Updated on 11.03.2024

VR User/Teleport


The Teleport condition is fulfilled when the user teleports to the referenced Teleportation Point. Previous teleportation actions made into the Teleportation Point are not considered.

The provided Teleportation Property is based on the Unity XR Interaction Toolkit's Teleportation Anchor. For further reference, please check out the XR Interaction Toolkit documentation.

Configuring the Teleportation Point

The Teleportation Property can be set as a Default Teleportation Anchor by clicking on the Set Default Teleportation Anchor button. You can find it when selecting the Teleportation Point and viewing it in the Unity Inspector.

This will configure the attached Teleportation Anchor. It will provide a visual element in the Unity Editor that helps placing the Teleportation Point in the scene. This visual element will also be shown in the virtual world during training execution to guide the user.


Teleportation Point

The Teleportation Property where the user should teleport.

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