VR Builder Manual

Updated on 31.05.2022


Download and import the VR Builder package from the package manager. VR Builder will compile and import some dependencies. If Unity's new input system is not selected in the player settings, the following window will appear prompting the user to automatically switch.

Click Yes in order to restart the editor and enable the new input system. Note that the new input system is required by VR Builder, but you can enable both the new and the legacy one if it makes sense for you to do so.

Then a dialog appears from Unity's XR Interaction Component.

VR Builder should work with either choice, so select the option that better suits your existing project, or just go ahead if starting from a blank project.

After the automated restart, the New Process Wizard pops up.

Click Next to proceed to the process setup page.

Here you can choose whether to create a VR Builder process in the current scene, create a new process scene, or open the included demo scene. Click Next afterwards.

Finally, if it's not configured already, you will be able to configure your project to work with your VR hardware. Select one of the provided options to install the relevant packages from the Package Manager.

Note that further steps may be required to get your hardware fully functional - for example, if you select OpenXR you will need to manually select a controller profile. After that, make sure that your VR SDK of choice is selected in the project settings. Now the setup is complete and you can start working with VR Builder!

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