VR Builder Manual

Updated on 11.03.2024

Guidance/Spawn confetti


The Spawn Confetti behavior causes confetti to fall above the selected Object. It can be useful as visual feedback or celebration for completing a task successfully.


Spawn Above User

If checked, the spawn position will be above the user rather than on the specified Process Scene Object.

Position Provider

Specifies where the confetti should spawn if not set to spawn above the user.

Confetti Machine Path

Path to the confetti machine prefab, relative to a Resources folder. Use the default one or point to your custom confetti machine.

Area Radius

Radius around the position provider in which confetti will be spawned.


Duration of the visual effect in seconds.

Execution stages

By default, steps execute behaviors in the beginning, in their activation stage. This can be changed with the Execution stages dropdown menu:

  • Before Step Execution: The step invokes the behavior during its activation.
  • After Step Execution: Once a transition to another step has been selected and the current step starts deactivating, the behavior is invoked.
  • Before and After Step Execution: Execution at activation and deactivation of a step.

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