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Updated on 11.03.2024

Interaction/Snap object


The Snap Object condition is fulfilled when the Object is released into the Zone to snap into, which means the collider of the Object and collider of the Zone overlap. Adapt the collider size of the snap zone to increase or decrease the area where the user can release the Object. Increasing the collider size of the snap zone decreases the required snap precision and simplifies the user's interaction in VR. After the user releases the Object, this is moved to the snap zone's SnapPoint. To adjust this position, change the position of the SnapPoint child object of the Zone to snap into object.

Snap Zone Generator

For any snappable object you can generate a snap zone that can snap exactly this object and can be used as a Zone to snap into. To do so, navigate to the Snappable Property in Unity's Inspector and click on the button Create Snap Zone.

Manual Snap Zone Creation

Instead of the automatic generation as described above, you can do those steps also manually. Please refer to available documentation on the XRSocketInteractor from Unity or related sources. You can also make changes to the automatically created snap zone to adapt it to your needs. Please note that these changes might impact the process logic.

Feed Forward for Snap Zones

Snap zones are restricted to which objects can be snapped. This means every object can be valid (i.e. it can be snapped to this zone) or invalid (it can not be snapped to this zone) for a snap zone. In case you are moving a valid object into a zone, the snap zone color changes to Validation Color (green), providing the user in VR with positive feedback. In case you are moving an invalid object into a zone, the snap zone color changes to Invalid Color (red), giving the user the feedback that this is the wrong object for this zone. You can modify the colors and materials to be used in the Snap Zones parameters and settings.

Snap Zone Parameters and Settings

To change the highlight color or validation hover material of a dedicated snap zone, navigate to the snap zone object in the Unity Inspector. You will find the Snap Zone Parameters and Settings in the script Snap Zone.

To change the colors and materials of all snap zones in the scene, select them in the VR Builder snap zone settings and press Apply settings in current scene.

The snap zone settings can be found in the project settings in tab VR Builder > Settings > Snap Zones.



The Process Scene Object to place (snap). The object needs to have the Snappable Property and a collider component configured.

Zone to snap into

This field contains the Process Scene Object where the Object is required to be snapped. Make sure you added the Snap Zone Property component to the snap zone game object in the Unity Inspector. Besides, the object must have a collider component with the Is Trigger property enabled.

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