VR Builder Manual

Updated on 11.03.2024

Process editor

The Process Editor lets you design the  process of your VR application. You can open the Process Editor from Tools > VR Builder > Open Process Editor or Window > VR Builder > Process Editor. The process editor for the demo scene should look like this.

On the left, there is a list of chapters. Every chapter is a separate section of the process. They are useful to separate a process in its logical steps and avoid too much clutter in a single graph.

The demo scene only has one chapter. You can add more chapters if necessary.

On the right, there is a graphical representation of the current chapter. Every node is called a Step. Every step can include a number of Behaviors which can happen when the node is triggered or before leaving it. In the demo scene, those are mostly text to speech instructions. A step can have as many exit points, called Transitions, as needed. Every transition can list a number of Conditions which, if fulfilled, make the transition valid.

Select the Tool grabbed node. This will open the Step Inspector. The window should look like the following.

The only behavior is a text to speech instruction that will be triggered when the node is entered. Click on the Transitions tab.

Note there are two transitions, each with its own list of conditions. More transitions and conditions can be added as needed. Each transition will lead to a different node, depending on which condition is satisfied first.

The first transition will trigger if the object is used (by pressing the trigger on the controller).

The second transition triggers if the object is dropped without being used.

We encourage you to investigate the other nodes to understand how the demo scene is built.

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