VR Builder Manual

Updated on 11.03.2024

Guidance/Highlight object


The Highlight Object behavior visually highlights the selected object until the end of a step.

Select the highlighted Object in the Unity Hierarchy and open the Unity Inspector. Search for the Interactable Highlighter Script.

You can define the Color and Material for On Touch Highlight, On Grab Highlight, and On Use Highlight. The object will show the highlight color configured in the Highlight behavior by default. As soon as the object is touched it will change to the color configured in On Touch Highlight. The same happens when the object is grabbed or used. It will display the configured color in On Grab Highlight or On Use Highlight.



Color in which the target object will be highlighted. Colors are defined in the RGBA or HSV color channel. By configuring the alpha (A) value, highlights can be translucent.


The Process Scene Object which should be highlighted.

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